PancakeSwap Integrates Coinbase’s Base Network
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Non-custodial exchange PancakeSwap has just announced it has added support for the third version of the second layer protocol built on Ethereum Base, which is backed by Coinbase.

Swap and liquidity functions are now available on the platform and farming is coming soon.

According to PancakeSwap, some of the advantages of Base include security and scalability. Representatives of the trading platform have also highlighted the ease of implementing financial applications thanks to Coinbase's support.

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The developers have said:

"By utilizing Base's security measures and Ethereum compatibility, we position ourselves to offer users a reliable and low-cost trading experience. Furthermore, the integration with Coinbase's ecosystem brings the power of mainstream crypto adoption to our users, making it a significant milestone in pursuing a more inclusive DeFi landscape."

PancakeSwap currently supports eight networks, including Ethereum, Aptos, Polygon zkEVM, zkSync Era, Arbitrum and Linea.

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