Shapella Hard Fork is Activated on the Ethereum Blockchain
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The Ethereum developers activated early this morning at 12:30 CET the Shapella update on the project's mainnet., which allows users to withdraw cryptocurrencies from staking.

Reportedly, the hard fork has taken place at epoch #194,048. The developers have noted that there are "a couple of missing blocks" on the network, but overall the upgrade has been a success and the blockchain appears stable.

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According to parsec, the withdrawal of ETH from staking has begun.

According to the service, in about 50 minutes since the implementation of the hard fork, the blockchain has processed withdrawals (full and partial) for 8,835 ETH, and the amount continues to grow.

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In September 2022, The Merge update was activated on Ethereum, which entailed changing the consensus algorithm from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. Members of the core network were given access to staking, either directly (validators) or through specialized protocols such as Lido.

Shapella includes changes in execution levels (Shanghai) and consensus levels (Capella).

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