Polygon Releases Beta Version of Ethereum Scaling Solution zkEVM
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The developers of the Polygon project yesterday released a beta version of the zkEVM mainnet for scaling Ethereum.

According to them, the solution uses zero-knowledge proof-of-stake technology (ZK-Rollups), performing off-chain calculations at the second level in order to reduce the cost and speed up transactions.

During the launch webcast, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin performed the first test transaction.

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zkEVM is equivalent to EVM, meaning it is compatible with the core network code and allows developers to use existing tools and infrastructure.

Mihailo Bjelic, co-founder of Polygon, has said:

"With zkEVM, you can deploy any application without modification using existing development tools such as Remix and interact with the network using standard portfolios such as MetaMask."

It is worth noting that more than 50 Web3 projects have already implemented around 6,000 smart contracts in the protocol.

In addition, the developers have released the zkEVM source code into the public domain.

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