Uniswap Launches Third Version of its Protocol on BNB Chain
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The developers of decentralized exchange Uniswap have just released the third version of the protocol on the BNB Chain network.

According to the release:

"Like Polygon and Arbitrum, BNB typically offers faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum Mainnet — making Uniswap more accessible to a wider audience."

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The decentralized exchange community approved in February Plasma Labs' proposal to launch the third version of the protocol on the BNB Chain blockchain. More than 65% of participants voted in favor, whereas 33.57% were against.

Among the latter was the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), which used the 15 million tokens available for this.

The community has chosen the Wormhole application as a cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and BNB Chain. Second place went to the LayerZero project, in which a16z invested in March last year.

DEX Li Finance aggregator founder Philipp Zentner has previously criticized Uniswap's decision to launch its protocol on BNB Chain using only a cross-chain bridge.

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