Ethereum Developers Activate Shapella Hard Fork
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Ethereum developers have just activated the Shanghai-Capella (Shapella) hard fork on the Goerli testnet.

According to them, this will be the last hard fork before the update is activated on the main network.

Recall that Shapella has previously been activated on the Sepolia testnet. The hard fork includes changes to the Ethereum consensus and execution levels and its main goal is to enable staked Ethereum withdrawals.

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It is worth noting that the developers encountered problems during the Goerli update. Due to the low participation of network participants, the implementation of the hard fork took 15 epochs. According to developer Tim Beiko, this is due to the lack of incentives for users to become validators, as "ETH [on the test network] is worthless."

The Ethereum team plans to activate Shapella on the mainnet in mid-April.

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