Solana Network Restarts After Update Error
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Solana validators have rebooted the network twice due to an unknown error that has resulted in economic activity on the blockchain coming to a complete halt.

The problem reportedly occurred when upgrading the node's software to a newer version.

The network stopped processing user transactions correctly on February 25 and switched to a "downgraded" mode, meaning that all functions are disabled except voting.

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One of the validators, Stakewiz, has explained that the error occurred after the transition of most nodes to software version 1.14.16, which happened last week. He has described the update as a "big jump with a lot of code changes."

According to Stakewiz, shortly before the suspension of economic activity, a block containing around 150,000 fragments was generated in the network. This caused a malfunction of the Turbine block distribution mechanism used by the clusters, resulting in blockchain downtime.

A few hours after the incident, validators restarted the network for the first time. However, the measure proved ineffective, requiring a second restart.

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