Google Cloud Will Become a Tezos Validator
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Cloud platform Google Cloud has just announced it has joined the Tezos blockchain platform ecosystem as a validator.

The deal reportedly aims to accelerate the development of Web3 applications on blockchain using the tech giant's cloud infrastructure.

James Tromans, engineering director, Web3 at Google Cloud, has said:

"At Google Cloud, we’re providing secure and reliable infrastructure for Web3 founders and developers to innovate and scale their applications. We look forward to bringing the dependability and scalability of Google Cloud to power Web3 applications on Tezos."

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A division of French energy company EDF Group has previously become a baker on the Tezos network, while French gaming giant Ubisoft joined the ecosystem in April 2021.

Google Cloud announced in November last year the launch of a node on the Solana network and the addition of blockchain support to the Blockchain Node Engine service for Web3 developers.

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