Ethereum Developers Implement Shadow Fork to Test Shanghai Upgrade
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The Ethereum developers team just successfully implemented a shadow hard fork intended to test the impact of the Shanghai upgrade, Geth client developer Marius van der Weijden has announced.

According to him, during testing there have been a number of problems due to incorrect Geth configuration. Once these have been corrected, all nodes have started working together.

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Van der Weijden, together with a colleague, launched several malicious nodes to test the stability of both layers of the network: execution and consensus.

He has said:

"These nodes will try to spam invalid blocks/messages."

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The Ethereum team said in early December that the mainnet's Shanghai hard fork would take place in March. The update includes a set of suggestions for improving the network, including EIP-4895, the implementation of which will allow ETH to be withdrawn from the Beacon Chain staking contract.

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