A Miner with a Hashrate of 10 TH/s Mines a Bitcoin Block
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A lone miner with a hashrate of only 10 TH/s included block no. 772,793 on the Bitcoin blockchain last January 20, CKPool pool administrator Con Kolivas has said.

According to data provided by Glassnode, the network hashrate at that time was 273.2 EH/s (smoothed by a seven-day moving average), so the miner's share of the indicator was just 0.000000036%.

It should be noted that as a reward, the miner received 98% of the total 6.35939231 BTC allocated for the block reward and commissions.

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Kolivas has said:

"A miner of this size should only find a block solo about once every 500 years at the current Bitcoin difficulty, making this a once-in-a-lifetime lucky event for them."

After the latest recalculation on January 16, Bitcoin mining difficulty is at a high of 37.59 T.

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