Polygon Proposes a Hard Fork
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The developers of Polygon, an Ethereum-based second-tier solution network, have proposed to perform a hard fork that will take place on January 17 if the community approves the proposal.

According to them, the upgrade is aimed at smoothing out gas load spikes as well as reducing the timing of possible reorganizations of the blockchain.

The first change reportedly relates to adjusting how the network sets the gas rate to include a transaction in a blockchain. During periods of high demand, the value traditionally increases, but sometimes it happens exponentially.

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In order to smooth out gas peaks, the team has proposed to increase the BaseFeeChangeDenominator from the current 8 to 16. This is expected to help smooth the rate of increase/decrease in gas prices.

Blockchain reorganizations occur when a validation node receives information that temporarily creates a new version of the chain.

The project developers have proposed to reduce the transaction completion time from the current around 128 seconds down to 32 seconds.

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