Telegram's Wallet Bot Implements Bitcoin and TON Buying Functionality
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The developers of the Wallet bot of the popular messaging app Telegram, managed by the TON Foundation, have just announced the launch of a P2P service that allows direct buying and selling of Bitcoin and Toncoin (TON) between users.

To complete a transaction, users select advertisements in the app with the appropriate conditions.

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The service itself acts as a guarantor of the transaction. In case of disagreement between the seller and the buyer, the administration will resolve the dispute.

US dollars, euros, hryvnas, Belarusian rubles and tenge are accepted as a form of payment. The commission for crypto sellers will be 0.9% of the transaction amount.

The service is positioned as an "anonymous P2P transaction," but users must provide the bot with their cell phone number to deposit, exchange or buy cryptos.

The project intends to increase the list of available cryptocurrencies in the future.

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