Cosmos Developers Introduce Two New Solutions
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Cosmos founders Ethan Buchman and Jae Kwon have just published a white paper that introduces new functionality to the project's ecosystem.

One of the key solutions is Interchain Scheduler, a cross-chain marketplace centered on MEV capabilities. This will be connected to a multi-chain transaction relay service (similar to Flashbots).

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According to the paper:

"By purchasing block space on multiple chains, users can secure arbitrage opportunities with strong performance guarantees."

The developers have said Interchain Scheduler will redirect commissions received from the MEV market to the Cosmos Hub treasury.

The second solution is called Interchain Allocator, which is a software module that enables Cosmos-based chains to achieve "economic coordination" to create applications focused on the creation of public goods. The developers are confident that this approach will increase the value of the ATOM token.

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