Zcash Developers Release a Mainnet Update
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Electric Coin Company (ECC), the developer of Zcash, has just announced the release of a major update to the mainnet of the privacy-focused crypto.

The developers of the project have said:

"NU5, the first major upgrade since November 2020, includes the launch of the Orchard shielded payment protocol, utilizing the Halo proving system."

Halo is touted as a "recursive trustless version" of zero-knowledge proofs designed to greatly increase the scalability of the system and eliminate the need for "trusted setups."

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ECC has noted protocols such as Zcash "gain in efficiency and security" thanks to an open source validation system.

The update also includes unified addresses, a format that gives users a single Zcash address that is compatible with all existing pools.

ZEC's price has not been affected by the news about the upgrade. It is currently trading at $89.59.

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