Developers Launch Terra 2.0 Mainnet
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Do Kwon, CEO of Terraform Labs, has announced the launch of the Terra 2.0 main network, which has received the Phoenix-1 identifier.

Accordingly, LUNA airdrop participants have already received their tokens. To check the balance, they must connect to the Terra Station system.

Kwon has added new members of the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol ecosystem must connect to Terra Station using the same network they previously used with Terra Classic.

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The Terra Finder blockchain explorer has just added support for Phoenix-1. According to the service, the network has produced more than 330 blocks.

Terraform Labs has reported users can transact with liquid LUNA, including staking, transactions and transactions with decentralized applications after its launch.

The project developers have reminded:

"Since Terra 2.0 is a different blockchain and not a fork, Terra Classic dApps will need to be restarted on the new blockchain."

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