Instagram Will Add Support for NFTs from Ethereum and Other Networks Magni
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9 May

Meta, formerly Facebook, intends to launch a pilot project this week to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into Instagram, CoinDesk has reported citing its own sources.

According to the publication, Meta reportedly plans to add support for NFTs launched on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Flow to Instagram. However, it is not known whether the platform will work with all of these networks in the first phase.

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It should be noted that a limited group of US users will take part in the pilot project.

Meta intends to integrate Instagram with popular digital wallets such as MetaMask. In addition, the platform will not charge users commissions for hosting and exchanging NFTs.

The Financial Times reported in January that Meta plans to integrate NFTs with Facebook and Instagram, and is also working on a prototype platform to enable the issuance of these digital assets.

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