Evmos Project Mainnet is Restarted
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The team behind the Evmos protocol, an EVM-compatible blockchain that enables transactions between Ethereum and the Cosmos ecosystem, has rebooted its mainnet, as reported in the project's Discord.

An Evmos spokesperson has said:

"The network is up and running and producing blocks. Please wait until the network is stable before services like browsers and dashboards are 100% operational. Thank you so much to the amazing validators that keep the network running!"

It is worth noting that Evmos is based on the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) interoperability protocol, which enables the transfer of tokens and other data in the Cosmos ecosystem.

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Evmos also includes an ERC-20 token-focused module that allows other projects to integrate Cosmos ecosystem networks. Developers can create smart contracts in Evmos that interact with IBC-connected applications.

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The initial launch of Evmos took place in March, however, the project ran into problems due to the large number of integrations required.

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