Binance Will Support BNB Beacon Chain Hard Fork
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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has just announced it will support the upgrade and the BNB Beacon Chain hard fork.

The upgrade is scheduled to take place at block height 234,560,000 on April 12 at around 09:00 UTC.

The trading platform will reportedly disable deposits and withdrawals in the BNB Chain ecosystem shortly before the upgrade. Trading will resume once the exchange is "satisfied that the network is stable."

Notably, the Descartes hard fork for the governance network BNB Beacon Chain involves the activation of the proposed BIP-128, which has been designed to improve the efficiency of the BNB Chain's participation reward distribution system.

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The upgrade will reduce the load on the so-called breath block of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Once implemented, it will distribute only validator commissions. Delegate rewards will be placed in a separate vault and then distributed in batches to beneficiaries.

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