DeFi Project Aave Unveils Third Version of its Protocol
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17 March

DeFi landing platform Aave has just announced it has released the third version of its protocol.

According to the project developers, Aave V3 features a higher level of security, as well as greater capital efficiency for users.

The new platform has been integrated with six networks: Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism and Harmony. In addition, it has been reported the protocol intends to add support for the Ethereum mainnet.

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Notably, a host of well-known decentralized finance sector projects are already partnering with Aave V3, including ParaSwap, 1inch, Instadapp, DeBank, DeFi Saver, Zapper and Zerion.

The new version of the protocol has reportedly improved inter-chain compatibility. Gas consumption has also been optimized, making transactions "as cheap as possible."

Another implementation worth mentioning is the "isolation mode," which allows users to borrow limited amounts of funds when interacting with potentially high-risk tokens.

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