Block's Bitcoin Wallet to Add Fingerprint Sensor
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March 14, 2022

Block, the payments company formerly known as Square, intends to add a fingerprint sensor to its crypto wallet, the company owner Jack Dorsey has announced via Twitter.

The company first announced its intention to launch a hardware wallet in July 2021. According to the company, it was a hardware solution that uses open source software and was supposed to integrate the device with a mobile application.

In October, the developers of the project reported they intended to use multi-signature in the wallet using three keys that are stored in the wallet, the app and on the company's server.

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The developers have recently announced they intend to include biometric authentication as an alternative to passwords and seeds. These have said:

"For transactions that require using the wallet hardware, we want our customers to be able to unlock their wallets securely, but with ease – an unlikely combination that historically has not existed in the market," said the post. "We believe PINs, passwords, and seed phrases are confusing and often not secure given the workarounds normal people have to create given all the friction."

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