Cardano Foundation to Develop Toolkit for dApps
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The Cardano Foundation in a partnership with EMURGO has announced the launch of a new project that will foster the development of a community generated tool stack. In an announcement, the foundation said the initiative will accelerate the development of decentralized applications (dApps). The project will consist of an MVP1 and MVP2.

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In the first stage, blockchain developers will include the Blockfrost Blockchain connector, and a simple backend that will serve as a proof of concept. In the second stage, the foundation will reach out to different projects, inviting them to contribute to the project.

"At this stage, each pull request to add a new adapter or a backend will be required to follow the programming guidelines of the project, including tests," the foundation said.

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While the timeframe of the initiative remains unclear, Frederik Gregaard, the Cardano Foundation CEO, says that the toolkit will further enable a vibrant ecosystem for third-party smart contract development on Cardano. He added:

"This is the first of a set of open source architecture we are looking at and are excited to push this forward now. We want to provide tools to and support to the community and to ensure we enable the architects of the future."

In December last year, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the Cardano blockchain platform, said he hopes to get an end-to-end solution on the network in the second half of this year. Hoskinson also revealed that the developer's community will introduce a structure that regulates the development of dApps on the network.

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