Solana Warns of Possible Errors in Transaction Processing on its Blockchain
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The developers of the Solana project reported yesterday that there was a slowdown in the performance of the beta version of the core network and warned users there could be errors in transaction processing.

Apparently, the problem has been caused by an increase in the number of "high compute transactions.” According to the project devs, network bandwidth has been reduced to "several thousand" transactions per second (TPS) because of this.

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According to the project team, both the project team and ecosystem participants are doing their best to correct the situation and increase the resiliency of the network.

Solana Beach has reported the blockchain throughput is 1,500 TPS. The service has also reported a large number of failed transactions.

For its part, Solana Explorer has seen even greater reductions in transaction processing speed: up to 650 TPS. The maximum throughput of the network with 600 nodes and 1,000 validators exceeds 60,000 TPS.

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