Real Metaverse Requires 1,000x Increase in Computing Capacity, Says Intel's Koduri
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Even though the metaverse is likely to bring the next big thing, the concept is far from reality. At least Intel's Chief Architect and Senior Vice President, Raja Koduri, thinks so.

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In an editorial, Koduri admitted that the idea of the digital world will likely be as big as the Internet was back in the '90s. However, the current craze about the concept is very much ahead of the reality as the real implementation of the metaverse "will require a 1,000-times increase in computational efficiency from today's state of the art."

"The metaverse may be the next major platform in computing after the world wide web and mobile. [...] We believe that the dream of providing a petaflop of compute power and a petabyte of data within a millisecond of every human on the planet is within our reach," wrote Koduri.

Keanu Reeves Hodls Crypto, Doubts Facebook's Metaverse Brings Innovation

The concept of the metaverse became the new buzz around town after Facebook rebranded to Meta. The social network giant plans to spend at least $10 billion by the end of this year alone on Facebook Reality Labs, a metaverse arm focused on creating AR/VR hardware and software.

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