Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Increases by Almost 5%
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After another recalculation last November 15, the Bitcoin mining difficulty has registered a 4.69% increase to 22.67 trillion hashes (T), according to data.

The indicator has grown for the ninth consecutive time. Since the end of July, the complexity of mining the crypto has grown by 52% overall.

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The difficulty of mining Bitcoins decreased to a record low from the end of May to mid-July due to the ban on crypto mining imposed by the Chinese authorities. In the context of the restrictive measures in the Asian giant, the hashrate of the reference cryptocurrency declined by more than 50% as miners massively disconnected their equipment to move to other countries. Now the hashrate is recovering and last November 1 amounted to 173 EH/s.

In August, the United States replaced China as the leader in terms of Bitcoin hashrate share, according to the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance.

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