Seedbox or VPN? - Differences
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The question “Who can find out what is my IP address?” can catch you anytime and for different reasons. If maintaining your privacy online while trading is a priority for you, then using either a Seedbox or VPN, or both, is a very good place to start. There a few reasons why you may want to use these tools. Perhaps you want to hide your location or to protect your IP address.


Firstly, Seedbox may be a good option for you. A Seedbox is used when downloading or uploading torrent files to and from the Internet. Many people use torrents to download media files such as movies, TV shows, or music. This comes with risks, though. If you abuse torrent websites without using the correct protection, you may find yourself with a warning at best and a hefty fine at the worst. This is because the best Internet providers have started to monitor when torrent files are being downloaded. Using a Seedbox will help prevent this from happening.

This system allows you to download your files remotely, and then transfer the media onto your computer. Any monitoring software will only be able to see the IP address of the remote server that your Seedbox is using, meaning it can't be tracked back to your device. This also means you don't have to use your own Internet bandwidth to download the files, giving you the ability to browse on the Internet without any slowdown, as well as avoid any charges for excessive data use from your Internet provider.


  • Minimize the risk of people or bots seeing your IP address as you use torrent files.
  • You get much better speeds when downloading large files.
  • Don’t use your own bandwidth when torrenting files.


  • It can only be used for downloading torrents, not general browsing online.
  • The process is slowed down because everything needs to be downloaded to your Seedbox, and then to your computer.


A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, and is used to mask your IP address through another network that isn't your own. Seedbox VPN is also used during the downloading process, but you can use a dedicated VPN for much more than downloading files. VPNs basically trick websites into thinking you're based somewhere else. This is useful both to prevent having your location and data be stored as you're browsing online but may open up websites that are blocked in your country.

There are a few reasons you may want to use a VPN. Encrypting your traffic means no one will be able to see what you've been browsing, and even with access to your network, the data will be hidden. In addition, by hiding your IP address, you're stopping people from being able to track you around the Internet based on your unique number. Instead, they will just see the details of your VPN.


  • Stop websites from being able to see your IP address.
  • Make it look like you're browsing from another country.


  • Not all VPNs work when downloading torrents. In this case, you'd need a dedicated Seedbox.
  • They may slow down your speed when browsing online.


Seedbox is the absolute winner for trading cryptocurrency on most exchanges. Make sure to enable your preferred location before logging in. Sometimes you will need approval from the platforms.

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