The Bell: TON Blockchain Goes Live in March
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Telegram Founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, will meet with major investors this month and launch MainNet of the Telegram Open Network platform (TON) in March 2019, The Bell states.

The other source on Steemit says that TON Issuer Inc. is already collaborating with cryptocurrency exchanges from Japan, China, Great Britain, etc.

Even though Durov is about to launch blockchain in March, there’s still may be a slight delay of 2-3 months due to the "innovative nature of the development."

As it states, TON is ready by 90% and developers will start testing the test network for errors in January-February.

TON developers have written many protocols from scratch, the Telegram report looks like an instant messenger is going to create its own Internet, told Vedomosti Alexey Blagirev R3 banking blockchain platform development manager in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Earlier, representatives of the project said TON was ready by 70%, and before the end of autumn, 2018 it would be launched in the test mode.

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