NASA May Use Blockchain for Security, Authentication, and Privacy
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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) may be using blockchain technology in order to enable aircraft privacy and anonymity while providing a secure and efficient method for communication with Air Traffic Services, Operations Support, or other authorized entities, the proposed prototype states.

The document presented by Ronald J. Reisman states that blockchain & smart contracts may be used "for secure communication between any specific aircraft and any particular authorized member."

The document proposes to leverage an industrial-strength open-source enterprise-blockchain

framework called Hyperledger Fabric to demonstrate potential solutions to vexing technical issues.

The agency has been using ethereum network for the benefit of ecology since November 2018. For evading probes and satellites from space debris, which is increasingly interfering with work in near-earth orbit NASA has launched a research project, under which the technology of smart contracts is planned to be used for automated maneuvering of space technology while evading space debris.

The project is called "Resilient Networking and Computing Paradigm." In the next three years, the team plans to develop a cognitive model using smart contracts, independent of the data coming from Earth.

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