Waves Presents Christmas Game
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Dec. 25, 2018

Blockchain-based platform Waves (WAVES) has announced the launch of a smart-based Christmas game that will be available from 24 December to 8 January.

The official announcement states the game is the brightest example of "how Waves smart contracts and Waves Keeper can be used in the gaming industry."

Each game session that would be launched by a player will create a smart contract decentralizing backed operations. The Christmas game reportedly will have no losers since every time a user opens a gift box he/she will get WAVES assets or a toy.

"If you win, you’ll get your WAVES payment back and more! If you find a toy, the Children’s hospice will receive your fee as another donation…," the announcement states.

In order to launch the game, you’ll need:

  1. A Waves Account
  2. WAVES coins — at least 1.031 WAVES to get started
  3. Waves Keeper for your browser

Waves Keeper is an extension for Chrome which you can download on the Chrome Web Store. The extension allows you to confirm transactions online without providing confidential information to third-party resources and the need to enter a private key.

Earlier, in December, the Wave team presented an update for the Waves Wallet mobile app. The application allows trading on the exchange Waves DEX. To do this, it added support for the euro, the U.S. dollar, and Turkish lira.

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