Artificial Intelligence in Sex, Taking Over Reality
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In just a few years’ time, anyone could use the internet to order an ideal lover for themselves according to the experts. Does that intrigue you? Already several companies are developing androids that would fulfill the role of a perfect sex partner that would be as real as a human being minus all the drawbacks of a relationship with a person of flesh and blood may bring. The robots would bring pleasure while remembering your birthday and also being able to take part in a conversation. So how is the artificial intelligence industry changing the landscape of the sex industry, helping in finding a perfect match and making you more demanding?

The ‘Westworld’ TV show directed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy about a theme park full of androids became a hit with all the top rating lists. In particular, the visual effects were praised, as well as a well-written script, but what makes the idea remarkable is the notion that a whole reservation with human-like robots that are supported by AI can be created. Visitors can act with an absolute impunity when dealing with them, and obviously, that would involve sex.

Androids are created in such a way that they best satisfy the desires of the guests. They say the right phrases, they can invitingly smile, languidly turn their heads and react to a touch with an uncanny similarity to a real person, but without a negative user experience. Simply put, they cannot refuse you.

Companies that operate in the sex industry are far from realizing those phantasies as of now, but it’s one of the ways AI is already being utilized.

Designer and developer from Mazepress, David Alexander told ihodl:

"We already have sex toys with artificial intelligence that can adapt their settings based on what they know about your orgasms and the trend for realistic sex dolls has continued to grow over the past few years. Sex dolls that are increasingly being combined with AI to provide a more realistic experience."


In Spring, Abyss Creations, a California-based company has launched the sale of sex robots RealDoll with an AI inside. A doll called Harmony became a prototype.

As of now, there are over 30 ready-to-ship female models with an average price of $6,500 and 11 males ranging from $6,000-6,500 for a single robot. Furthermore, the client may choose to customize a unique doll: Choose the body type, skin color, color of the eyes and even the shape of the genitals and nipples. However, that may increase the price of the end product quite significantly.

Matt McMullen’s company has been producing sex dolls for quite a while but added AI into the mix only a year ago. The dolls can speak reacting to what their owner says and learn while interacting. The owner of such a robot will eventually be able to shape its personality in accordance with what they are talking most often about.

Customers can also choose up to six traits of a character in a robot (there are 20 of them overall). In particular, a robot girl can be kind, innocent, shy and unsure of herself; or clever, talkative, humorous. In addition, the robot also has a system of feelings that users influence indirectly: it can become sad due to a lack of communication or if a user insults it.

Artificial Intelligence in Sex, Taking Over Reality
RealDoll Robots

Bella French, the co-founder, and CEO of and a former webcam girl says that in the future users will want even a greater variety and more modifications in the way the robot looks.

“Fetishes will become more and more extreme. For example, for a man to get aroused, he will need to see a female figure with yellow eyes, a gigantic butt with a micro tiny waist, a heart to replace the mouth, natural, small breasts, the nose of a puppy, rabbit ears, green skin with the appearance of a reptile, a super high pitch voice wearing hot pink latex gloves, 7 feet tall and more. The ability to customize your fantasy being will become very important. Every month, or even every day you will be able to completely change your boyfriend or girlfriend’s appearance without having to hurt anyone's feeling along the way.”

In the meantime, one of the most noticeable flaws is that sex robots do not yet know how to walk, because such a function requires vast amounts of energy.

There are several videos on the network, where users share their experiences of engaging with a robot. For example, the author of the Super Delux channel on Youtube talks about how she felt kissing a male robot with AI.

According to her, the developers should tinker the robot's responses to touches a little more, and the kiss will be indistinguishable from that of a real man.

Meanwhile, despite the shortcomings, such machines are beginning to capture the interest of many people. A month ago, a 39-year-old American Jimmy Mehiel started a profile for a Harmony robot in the Tinder dating app, after receiving permission from Matt McMullen. In addition to the three photos, he attributed: “Hi, I’m an anatomically correct, sexually capable robot with the most advanced AI available. I’m on Tinder to find out if guys are interested in me.” The experiment took place during the period of two hours on a Friday evening on the Lower East Side of Manhattan (New York, U.S.). Jimmy Mehiel has sent a like to every man that appeared as a match. After two hours Harmony had 92 matches.

A breakthrough in technology is happening right before us, and probably, in just a few years’ time, the robot will become an almost complete replacement for a partner, since it would be able to keep any conversation going for hours. Alan Majer, a founder of Good Robot told ihodl that even a primitive AI offers new interactive possibilities that didn't exist before.

Over the next 10 years, these AIs will become increasingly sentient and really narrow the gap between their intelligence and that of a human. We will think of them as "alive" because they'll be and act that way.

For those who are frightened by the sex androids, there are “soulless” machines that also make use of artificial intelligence, which help users achieve greater pleasure. For example, oral sex machines or stimulants that respond to user reactions and impulses.

AI dating apps

“Another example of how AI is impacting the future of sex AI involves dating apps that are helping partner people with like-minded individuals with similar sexual interests and desires,” says David Alexander, designer and developer from Mazepress.

At the beginning of the year, just in time for the St Valentine's day, the TV series “Black Mirror” aired the “Hang the DJ” episode, where it talks about a similar platform. It offers up partners based on personal information about the person. In this case, the application also determines for how long you stay together - a few hours, a month or years. And the user cannot break the contract with the application. Then it looks for a new partner for you to better understand who is better suited. Avoiding spoilers, I will say just one thing: this insidious application promises that in the end, everyone finds their love.

No such repressive applications exist, as of yet at least, but several large companies in the business are working to strengthen their applications with the help of artificial intelligence. For example, Tinder, eHarmony and Loveflutter, plan to offer matches based on their activity and the dialogues they lead. So, the founder of Tinder Sean Rad said at an industry conference in Lisbon in early November that AI can "create better user experiences", and the voice of iPhone for Siri will become a matchmaker in the future.

The question of ethics

Artificial intelligence, like any new technology, raises countless questions and discussions. When it comes to using it in the sex industry, the debate begins to boil over, and society is divided into advocates and opponents since sex is always hot.

Regulating dating apps is rather a conversation of company policy and laws of the legal society, which should keep people free to choose their partner and lifestyle.

Everything becomes much more complicated when robots are added to the equation. First, it is not yet certain how their existence will impact the relationships between real, living people. Secondly, can a person who has acquired such an android do anything with it?

For example, Alan Majer, a founder of Good Robot noticed that robots and AI will stop being seen as tools or physical objects, and instead as sentient beings that people can build relationships with through interaction. «And those relationships will certainly have a physical component to them too». In this case, can a person do anything, especially with a robot? Or that “anything” will be fulfilled in a new reality, for example, the virtual one? Perhaps we will talk about this issue next time.

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