Mining Review: 1080TI Better Than 2080TI?
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Hello to all the crypto miners out there.

Today let’s take a moment to to look at the review and testing of the latest range of Nvidia cards, the RTX series from GIGABYTE.The cards in question here are the RTX 2070, 2080, 1070Ti and 2080Ti. This review will focus on finding out how well those cards perform in mining in a variety of scenarios.

Off course the top tier cards from the range, the 2080Ti and the 1080Ti from the RTX series will be the main focus of this video. Despite that other cards were also tested both for mining and during gaming.

First the cards were tested while being directly attached to the motherboard. After that the cards were connected to a pci-e rizer card to compare that to the x1 pci-e rizer card bandwidth figure.

In terms of the software: ОС Ubuntu 16.04 was used during the test alongside the latest Nvidia drivers ver.410, with the CUDA ver.10.0 package. The latest version of Tensorflow (version. 1.13) ResNet-50 was installed to set the benchmark.

Take a look at this full review! But, before you watch, what would be your guess, which is the best card to purchase and what will the results be?

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