Google to finally unveil its new (Pixel) smartphone on October 4th
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The long-rumoured Google's smartphones are finally here. The company released a very minimalistic teaser video not giving any details on the device. But leaked reports can't stop buzzing.

Previously, it was supposed that Google (NASDAQ: Alphabet Class A [GOOGL]) would release a smartphone line under the Nexus brand but the latest rumours say that the upcoming product will be something new.

Well, the company did not share much in the short teaser video dedicated to October 4th, except for showing the transformation of the iconic Google search tab into a smartphone-shaped rectangle. But, as always, we can rely on leaked reports to guess what exactly is coming on the big day.

The October 4th event will be held in San Francisco where the company is likely to finally unveil their first non-Nexus smartphone along with several other products, reports The Verge. According to some reports, Google will move away from the idea of releasing a Nexus smartphone and will develop a special smartphone line under its own brand. It seems like the separate website called "made by Google" that came along with the teaser video confirms that rumour.

Last month, Android Police leaked the images of the upcoming Google smartphone commenting that the phone looks like a mixture of Nexus and Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) devices. The most recognizable characteristic of the rumoured Google phone is a fingerprint scanner located on the back of the device, similar to that of Nexus 5X model. Android Police says that the company is most likely to release two "all-metal" smartphones under the names of Pixel X and Pixel XL. The phones will have identical functionalities but different screen sizes and battery capacity.

As these are the first devices of Google's Pixel direction, the company was rumoured to make a contract with a new manufacturer to produce the devices. Previously, the cheaper Nexus 5X model was produced by LG whereas the more premium device Nexus 6P was manufactured by Huawei. Yet, according to the leaked reports, Google is currently collaborating with another Android producer, HTC, to manufacture the first devices of the Pixel line.

Interestingly, one of yesterday's reports from Android Police says that Google is done with trying to undercut Apple by offering cheaper smartphones. That is why the new Pixel phones are rumoured to have a price tag of about $649 in the U.S. similar to that of the newest iPhone.

On top of that, apart from the smartphones, Google is expected to announce several other gadgets on October 4th. Google's updated Chromecast that is capable of casting 4K videos as well as Google Home, a competitor of Amazon Echo, are some of the likely announcements.

Anyway, the company will definitely share some big news very soon and, if the rumours are correct, we are about to see something worth waiting for.

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