CME: Chicago Mercantile Exchange CBOT: Chicago Board of Trade exchange COMEX: Commodity Exchange NYMEX: New York Mercantile Exchange ICE: Intercontinental Exchange Canada ICE: Intercontinental Exchange Singapore ICE: Intercontinental Exchange Europe ICE: Intercontinental Exchange United States NASDAQ: National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations NYSE: New York Stock Exchange LSE: London Stock Exchange NYSE ARCA: Archipelago Exchange HKEX: Hong Kong Exchange XETRA: Exchange Electronic Trading FWB: Frankfurt Stock Exchange ASX: Australian Securities Exchange EURONEXT: Euronext Lisboa EURONEXT: Euronext Ireland EURONEXT: Euronext Brussels EURONEXT: Euronext Amsterdam EURONEXT: Euronext Paris TMX: Toronto Stock Exchange USD: Other non-US Bonds USD: US Sovereign Bonds USD: European Bonds USD: Latin American Bonds USD: Funds USD: Russian Bonds OTCMKTS: Over-The-Counter Markets NYSE AMEX: American Stock Exchange LSEAIM: London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market MIL: Milan Stock Exchange MICEX: Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange BM: Bolsa de Madrid BIST: Borsa Istanbul SIX: Swiss Exchange EUR: Eurobonds EUR: Malta Bonds USCORP: US Corporate Bonds SOMX: Stockholm Stock Exchange TSE: Tokyo Stock Exchange SET: Stock Exchange of Thailand Majors EXANTE Emerging Markets RUB: MOEX Bonds RUB: Russian Bonds Metals INDEX: Indices HSX: Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange JSE: Johannesburg Stock Exchange NOMX: Nordic OMX ASE: Athens Stock Exchange LSEIOB: London Stock Exchange International Order Book Open-End Fund VSE: Vienna Stock Exchange SGX: Singapore Exchange LIBOR rates BitFINEX WSE: Warsaw Stock Exchange OMXC: Copenhagen Stock Exchange BATS: Better Alternative Trading System Chi-X Europe MSE: Malta Stock Exchange OMXH: Helsinki Stock Exchange OSE: Oslo Stock Exchange TWSE: Taiwan Stock Exchange TOCOM: Tokyo Commodity Exchange LAT: Latin Bond Pernet von Ballmoos EMEA: bonds AUDC Dominion Fund Management SB: Stockholmsbรถrsen Pacific Liberty Enneking Asset Management OTCBB: Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board Alpha Value Management Alpha State Capital A3E Capital SICAV GBP: Eurobonds GBP: UK Corporate Bonds AUD: Eurobonds GBP: UK Sovereign Bonds ARG: Argentinian Bond AVANA Invest Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Management KGR Capital Management Platinum Management Lohengrin Management Open End MOEX.TOM: Moscow Exchange Tomorrow CB-Accent Lux SICAV Blackheath Management International Pilatus SICAV Aquarium Investments AS Asia Capital Global Low Volatility Asset Management Alpi Fondi MTG Fund SPC Norwatt TASE: Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Notz Stucki Europe Emerging Asset Management Boston And Zechiel Management Duet MENA Managing Partners Investment Hasenbichler Asset Management Alternative Investment Specialists Absolute Securitization Cell DSE Dusseldorf Stock Exchange Threesixty Elements FLAG Quantitative Investment Fund Shaked Capital Advisors Euroasian Investments Middlemarch Capital DN Capital Management Fund RETAIL None Equanimity Capital Management Green Oak Fund Logica Capital Management Dalma Capital Management Oracle Investment Domain Asset Management Brown Trout Management Apis Capital Advisors NEX: NEX Exchange Top Selection Fund SICAV p.l.c Alphabit Digital Currency Kronos Cell DIADEMA Niton Capital Partners First Qazaq Fund Eganov Asset Management LL Capital & Partners Muskoka Capital Management Auctus Funds GP LTD SMN GS Niagara Capital Jordan Capital AM Selection Cell Meriden IFM Courant Asset Management Non Correlated Capital Lion Investment Cell Altima Asset Management BlackBox Group Esplanade Capital Nomination Fund Algorithmic Trading Portfolio EUR Algorithmic Trading Portfolio USD Quan Management Capital & Project Management Absolute Return Global Opportunity Fund FISCO Appreciation Management Asyl Global Investment Fund Diamond Age Capital Advisors
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