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Colizeum is pleased to announce the upcoming $ZEUM Token Generation Event on May 4th, 2022, at 04:00 am UTC in centralized and decentralized exchanges -, Uniswap and PancakeSwap. At the same time, token staking (Stake Pool - 18,000,000 $ZEUMs) will be enabled on

Conquering the Multidimensional World of Gaming

Colizeum is made to bridge the gap between the traditional gaming world and the blockchain world, bringing Play-To-Earn to the masses. Highlighting the market potential – at the moment, the traditional game market size is $116B, while Play-To-Earn is only $28B.

Colizeum offers developers a new type of freedom – adding a Play-To-Earn model to any game and cutting out the intermediaries. Implementation is effortless and allows to save time and money. Players can earn by playing, owning, and trading in-game assets as NFTs and gain passive income.

From Game Development to Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

The project has taken shape as a result of the co-founders' experience in the gaming world. Colizeum was founded in 2021 by Edgars Vecozolins and Davis Ziedins. Edgar’s journey in the gaming world began in 2014 after developing a couple of simple games and understanding the market's potential.

After several years of success and gaining experience, the game - Dystopia: Contest of Heroes was born. Dystopia is the perfect formula - a popular and addicting genre of strategy, stunning visuals, and a superstar Conor McGregor as the face of the game. Beetroot Lab gained immeasurable experience working with a UFC star on global markets with audiences from across the globe, paving the way for something even bigger.

All the years in the gaming industry gave Vecozoliņš and Ziediņš an ability to determine and evaluate the potential of a phenomenon to be highly successful in the future, and the crypto gaming niche is one such phenomenon. Crypto is evolving, and we are only now starting to see its potential in various fields, including gaming, and Beetroot Lab jumped on this possibility as soon as possible.

Edgars Vecozoliņš says:

"Right now, with the experience we gained and the team we gathered, we are all set to conquer the world of crypto gaming and transform the industry altogether. Dystopia: Contest of Heroes has been an amazing starting point and experience for us to aim higher."

The strong contributor support confirms the vision of the Colizeum team and how they aim to establish a blockchain-based mobile gaming ecosystem empowering game developers and players. Major contributors include Tokenomik, TPS, Genblock Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Deribit, SevenX Ventures, LD Capital, Momentum6, X21, AU21 Capital, etc.

Colizeum is rapidly growing and taking up space in the crypto gaming field. The project is nearing many important milestones, like the official public launch of the $ZEUM token scheduled for May the 4th. Other components that are currently being worked on and will soon be released to the public are the Colizeum Elite Player Card NFT drop, more new game developers joining the Colizeum Blockchain Game Store, and Colizeum SDK Beta Launch, and the Colizeum NFT Marketplace. In addition, the team welcomed DOTA legend Wusheng (Sheng Wu) to its ranks to strengthen its appeal in the gaming industry. Additionally, a celebrity partnership is planned for Colizeum.

Dāvis Ziediņš says:

"The Dystopia project has shown that the right approach, sufficient research, and the right people can achieve any goal, no matter how ambitious it is!"

A perfect blend of the right people, extensive knowledge and experience, and a well-placed celebrity collaboration can transform a good project into a great one, and Beetroot Lab has it figured out. Colizeum has many milestones ahead, and the expertise the Beetroot Lab team has accumulated is lighting the way.

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