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Canada-based non-fungible token (NFT) platform The Great Canadian Beaver Club (GCBC) is launching a protocol to give asset holders private access and input in the overall decision-making process. The latest announcement follows the recent launch of its free-to-use DeFi app, which welcomes GCBC holders to private clubs. This private club seeks to incentivize token holders by offering them an opportunity to stake GCBC NFT memberships to earn $PELT tokens.

According to a statement, the platform requires holders to stake their GCBC NFT membership for 30 days before receiving any rewards. The $PELT tokens that would have been rewarded (if a holder doesn’t stake for 30 days) will be sent to a burn address, creating a deflationary supply for $PELT tokens.

GCBC Holders Get a Seat at the Table

The GCBC private NFT club is an exclusive club with a collection of 10,420 unique, rare and legendary art pieces stored as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection includes more than 250 pieces of hand-drawn art traits from talented artist Dino Tomic, giving holders truly one-of-a-kind NFTs.

Notably, the platform includes an array of lodges that aim to give private access to GCBC holders and a voice at the table. For a start, GCBC has instituted five lodges, Political Lodge, Celebrity Lodge, Technology Lodge, Party Lodge and Beavers Den, all combining to give GCBC holders an opportunity to vote on proposals and upgrades on the platform.

First, the Political Lodge gives these NFT holders exclusive access to governing the colony based on a set of evolving guidelines. The Beavers Den, on the other hand, will give GCBC NFT owners access to make input on blockchain investments to diversify their portfolios. The Celebrity, Technology and Party Lodges will give holders of these rare NFTs access to make input on advertising campaigns, technological developments for the colony and planning of exclusive annual parties, respectively.

Revolutionizing the NFT Staking Incentive Models

The launch of the $PELT reward aims to introduce an economy within the network giving users more utility as they collect NFTs and join the private club. The tokens will also have in-app usage such as allowing owners to execute transactions and undertake tasks on the network.

The platform employs an incentives-based model to motivate creators and collectors to stake their tokens. Additionally, GCBC resolves to foster proper compensation of token holders and community members alike. The platform has launched a community bank, through partnerships with multiple Bitcoin ATM firms. Through these partnerships, 100% of the revenue generated will be sent to the bank and 50% of aftermarket sales, starting from day 1, will be sent to the bank as well as 20% of the total supply of $PELT.

Finally, the NFT platform also includes the Most Valuable Beaver [MVB] facet, a protocol that aims to reward beavers that participate in the platform and extensively work for the development of the platform.

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