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The global economic recession has proven that the centuries-long fiat system is flawed and completely outdated. DeFi, on the other hand, is the way to go and it has proven to be very successful. Yet, a lot of people around the world miss out on this extremely profitable financial tool because of the complexity involved in it.

YouHodler is a crypto investment company that solves this issue by combining CeFi and DeFi to create a CeDeFi experience, offering the ease of traditional investment methods we are so used to, but applying it in the DeFi sphere. Recently, it has expanded its list of supported cryptos with 10 more.

More Cryptos, More Stablecoins

The addition of these digital coins has been done after careful consideration. Each one required a deep understanding of its place in the cryptoverse, use, platform in question, feasibility studies and much more. The list of new coins (in alphabetical order) is 1INCH (1Inch Network), ATOM (Cosmos), AVAX (Avalanche), BTT (BitTorrent), CAKE (PancakeSwap), ELGD (Elrond), FIL (Filecoin), FTT (FTX), NEAR (Near Protocol) and ZIL (Zilliqa).

Each of the newly inducted coins on YouHodler is in the top 100 list of the premiere coin listing platform CoinMarketCap. The addition of these coins gives users of YouHodler the chance to invest in some of the highest profit ratio crypto investments, such as up to 5.5% for ZIL and FTT (the highest in the industry for these two coins).

YouHodler already has a vast base of supported coins that include market-leading ones such as BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP and stablecoins like USDT, TUSD, USDC and HUSD.

Making Passive Money Through Cryptos

Owning cryptocurrencies can be a source of relief for many. The rapid gains in value offer an excellent form of investment while stablecoins provide all the ease of cryptos but without the volatility. Yet, simply holding on to these means people are not able to make the best of their assets.

YouHodler offers a safe and secure environment where crypto holders can put their idle assets to their advantage in three distinct ways:

  • Lending: Just like a traditional savings account, people can deposit their assets in the YouHolder Savings account, which are then lent out to those who need crypto loans. With up to 12% APR, weekly payouts mean lenders can enjoy one of the finest income rates.
  • Borrowing: Selling cryptos isn’t the only option for liquid cash with YouHodler users able to borrow cryptos and fiat against their current assets. A high LTV ratio (up to 90%), in extremely small quantities and loans for BTC, USDT, EUR, GBP, USD and CHF gives flexibility to every borrower.
  • High Yield Investments: Through the Multi HODL service, people can invest a portion of their portfolio in high risk, but extremely high profit investments. YouHodler automates the investments so their users don’t have to do the effort of understanding analysis or the complexities involved.

With fiat off and on-ramping and instant swaps, YouHodler offers every conceivable crypto DeFi experience an average person could ask for.

About YouHodler

A CeDeFi platform, YouHodler offers the convenience of traditional investing to the public, but for the crypto sector. Made extremely easy, users can simply deposit their assets in their YouHolder accounts or use their credit/debit cards to buy cryptos directly on the platform and start their crypto investing journey.

Talking about why the platform has been created, Ilya Volkov, the CEO and co-founder summed it up nicely:

"... as a CeDeFi platform we want to remove the burden from our users and allow them to benefit from this economy."

This is a paid press release and is distributed for general informational only and is not intended to constitute legal, tax, accounting or investment advice.

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