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The NFT marketplace is a significantly diversified space that has aided many NFT developments. Each NFT, with its peculiarity, has contributed to the overall growth of the NFT marketplace. However, several play-to-earn (P2E) digital games have been launched, and are offering gamers diversified experiences. Rebel Bots is a sci-fi-themed digital card battle game that offers gamers the opportunity to experience outer space in a digital setting. Rewards are given to successful players, which they can utilize to build new and advanced robotic soldiers in NFTs form.

What is Rebel Bots?

It is a play-to-earn NFT game launched on the Polygon blockchain. Given its exclusivity, it has attracted the interest of the non-crypto sector by securing investments from top-tier investors like Ubisoft, Overwolf and Makers Fund, via a $2M private token sale following an initial $2M seed round investment. For more information about Rebel Bots, click here.

How Rebel Bots Works

The game will start with 10,000 different kingdoms and kingdom Lords (the game's most valuable NFT). The kingdom Lords is not a playable character but acts as banners of kingdoms where players play. Lands are the game's second most valuable NFT. Without lands, players aren't allowed to play. Rebel Bots will be launched with 150,000 lands. Players can own multiple lands but can play in one land at a time; they can rent their unused land to other interested players at a subsidized entry rate. There are 2 types of players in Rebel Bots: 'casual' and 'competitive.' However, both players earn substantially for playing. Fighter Bots is the game's third valuable NFT. They are classified into Military, Industrial, and Engineer Bots.

Rebel Bots possess 3 different leaderboards that attract all categories of players and win different prizes by ranking high in one of the leaderboards. They include the Worldwide player's leaderboard, Kingdoms leaderboard and Internal kingdom leaderboard.

From 2022, the development of Rebel Bots will follow through the roadmap below:

  • January: launching the new game website and announcing our partners, followed by the public token sale
  • February: Xiolium land sale
  • March: Game trailer release
  • April: Rebel Bots goes live
  • June: Final game launch

Features of Rebel Bots

Skill-Based Game: Rebel Bots is a highly competitive game with zero tolerance for luck. It is designed for primarily skilled gamers. Rebel Bots prioritizes skills over pay-to-win.

Social Gameplay: the aim of a social game is achieved when players are allowed to work together to win and complete tournaments and achievements while also socializing with each other.

Quality Production: Rebel Bots provides an additional luxury for players. They have to feel good about the game itself and comfortable playing because of the beautiful graphics designs and game stability.

A sustainable and straightforward play-to-earn model: Rebel Bots is an easy-to-play game as the interface is created with a simple mechanism for players who play P2E and those who prefer to engage with the game on a different level and still earn.

Fun Packed: most P2E games appear to be more corporate than adventurous. Rebel Bots intends to change such a narrative by integrating fun-driven features.


Rebel Bots has 2 cryptocurrencies and 3 game currencies. The cryptocurrencies are known as Xoil and RSBL. Xoil is the utility token; players are rewarded when they win PvE and PvP matches, complete daily tasks and win kingdom prizes. It is also used to buy character parts and minting fighting bots. RBLS, with a limited supply of 300,000,000million tokens, is Rebel Bots G-Token. It can be earned when players win season prizes and during special giveaways. RBLS is also used to fighting Bots and purchasing lands. The 3 game currencies are Energy, Sparks and Parks.


Rebel Bots is believed to be the next biggest thing happening in the play-to-earn game space. With its exclusivity and the team's dedication and commitment to developing a lifetime gaming adventure, they have the potential to become one of the biggest names in the NFT marketplace.

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