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TopFlower is a play-to-earn NFT farm game in the early stages of development, with one of its first missions being the creation of a marketplace where players may trade in-game assets and NFTs. It is a platform that lets users explore several beautiful flowers. Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City - TopFlower, has announced its launch of a non-fungible token (NFT).

What Are Digital NFT Flowers?

Around the world, blockchain technology is advancing and prospering. As time goes by, many people are turning to the garden as a source of community and money in the future, but not traditional gardening.

Flower in digital format NFTs is digital flowers that are handled like real-life flowers and are based on blockchain technology. Each one is distinct in appearance and belongs to only one individual. They may be purchased or grown on a community-run crypto garden website.

While each digital flower NFT is unique, they are usually categorized into three groups: common, uncommon/valuable, and rare. Digital flower NFTs have their own set of powers, strengths and weaknesses, which might impact how they develop and execute activities in the garden.

These flowers are digital and have digital equivalents. They do not require physical lands, dirt, and water to be maintained. They can be bought using cryptocurrencies and earned through particular operations on the crypto garden community site, such as games, events or actions.

It is also necessary to know that growing a digital flower NFT from seed is governed by the laws of each crypto community garden. The seed itself can be purchased, or it can be exchanged for another token or currency. Also, these tokens or coins can be given when one participates in the garden community.

What is Their Aim?

TopFlower aims to introduce an NFT game that combines diverse, feature-rich, plentiful and appropriate game modes—2D, 3D, AR and Metaverse.

This will allow everyone to sink into the beautiful world of flowers, admire and care for these flowers and harvest them to earn tokens.

How Will This Work?

TopFlower will connect users with other farmers in the ecosystem, resulting in creating a robust society with a stable and long-term economy. These farmers will be able to seek, invest and acquire a variety of tokens based on their motto, "play to earn, earn forever."

TopFlower aims to strike a balance between "playing for fun" and "playing to earn." This will provide the best value and gaming experience and the opportunity of collecting several tokens.

Features of the Game

The PVE and PVP modes are two of the game's most outstanding features. The PVE mode comes with many preparation options and is designed to fight invaders in a player's garden.

On the other hand, the PVP mode allows farmers to collaborate and form agreements with others as well as battle to preserve their gardens from unwelcome visitors.

The development team connects a virtual garden with a player's existing habitat by integrating a gaming experience—the 3D AR Metaverse. As gamers strive to care for their gardens and earn rewards, this will provide more fantastic assistance.

What is Their Currency?

TopFlower, like most other projects, has its native currency, $TPF, which will be used as a reward for both play-to-earn and staking on the network.

This coin has been set for release on PancakeSwap, one of the largest decentralized exchanges, with a maximum supply of 500 million $TPF.

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