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The exponential growth of the blockchain-based gaming industry has opened up possibilities for developers to create and launch hundreds of rewarding and intriguing games. Leveraging blockchain technology, Kingdom Quest, a play-to-earn [P2E] based gaming platform has been designed to offer gamers a ton of rewards. Introducing, for the first time, a 4 game – 1 token system, Kingdom Quest aims at delivering a long-lasting gaming platform that will not only reward players but will offer them immersive and entertaining games with impressive experiences.

Prioritizing users, Kingdom Quest attempts to not only build a sustainable and long-term platform but wants to create a community where the needs of members are catered to. Paying close attention to the feedback received from these users, the blockchain-based gaming platform will, if the need arises, make major or minor adjustments to the game, as requested by community members. Additionally, it has been designed to be incredibly easy to play, super interactive, entertaining, and most importantly, rewarding.

With the other three games or titles set to be launched from now until Q4 of 2023, as stated on the project roadmap, Kingdom Quest attempts to revolutionize the blockchain and metaverse gaming industries.

Kingdom Quest Gaming Ecosystem

A role-playing puzzle game, which is the first of the 4 games set to be released by the founding team, Kingdom Quest will utilize blockchain technology to deliver interactive gameplay where in-game characters, items and currencies are NFTs and tokens. To help players battle and earn rewards, Heroes have been introduced. Created as well-trained, disciplined and brave characters, Heroes will possess unique fighting styles and powers that will help them defeat enemies.

These Heroes will be deployed by players to travel through narrow mazes, solve enigmatic puzzles, take down enemies and hunt for valuable treasures. Each of these Heroes, according to a recent press release, are NFTs with distinct strengths and attributes. To level up against others, these fighters can earn experience by undertaking special tasks.

Built solely to protect the peace of the kingdom at all times, Heroes, in addition to fighting, will have the opportunity to pursue their dreams of traveling around the world in search of undiscovered treasures. Grouped into three; Assassins, Mage and Warriors, these in-game characters possess special skills that will help them achieve their ultimate life mission—protecting the kingdom.

Inflation Control Mechanism

With volatility a constant facet of the trillion-dollar crypto market, the Kingdom Quest development team has introduced a unique inflation mechanism. According to the team, this will help preserve the token while also increasing the value of the project over time.

It is based on a ranking modality that players will have to achieve by taking part in activities like campaign battles, explorations, daily and exclusive quests. Players will be ranked by the Arena based on their performance in these tasks and the reward pool—Kingdom Quest’s P2E model—will distribute rewards in the form of its native currency, KGC. Each player will be rewarded based on their rank and the more quests are undertaken, the more rewards to be earned.

This P2E and ranking model is an ideal mechanism to control inflation, thus ensuring that only active users are duly rewarded for participation.

Partnering with a ton of brands in the space, Kingdom Quest will receive unwavering support for development from Shima, GameFi, Icetea Labs, Bunicorn, AVStar, Coincu, etc. To incentivize prospective investors, this gaming platform will offer what it calls "Welcome Airdrops" to website visitors from January 20, 2022, to January 30, 2022. Additionally, its initial DEX offering [IDO] has been scheduled to hold on February 20, 2022.

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