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You might wonder how a meme coin can save the world… well since you asked…

We all know what’s at stake in the Climate Crisis. We’re losing 13% of the Arctic Sea ice every ten years. Research released by the UK MET Office today warns that a billion people will suffer if global temperature rises by just 2 ºC. The time to act is now and it is this climate Emergency that forms the foundation of the new eco-super hero Little Baby Doge.

Anon, a spokesman for Little Baby Doge, said:

"Like everyone else, we knew we could no longer sit back and expect change to happen by itself. So we gathered our resources and our skills and together our rag-tag group of scientists, coders and climate activists came up with our solution. Little Baby Doge is a meme coin like no other. At its core lies a message of hope for our planet. Little Baby Doge also puts his money where his mouth is and promises to donate 1% from EVERY blockchain transaction to fight climate change."

Raising the Climate Change Banner

The Little Baby Doge ethos is about more than money though. The coin’s creators are building an active, engaged online community of activists they dub the LBD Climate Army.

The Same But Different

Like traditional cryptocurrency, Little Baby Doge is a decentralized coin, and thanks to the security of blockchain technology it’s tamperproof. Users can mine, trade and save the coin as they would any other digital asset. However, thanks to Little Baby Doge’s buyback and burn policy, each transaction actually decreases the number of coins in circulation. This means it tangibly grows in value with every purchase. The community also boasts an exclusive NFT market and a custom merch store where users can pick up some shiny new threads featuring their number one favorite climate hero and meme coin maestro.

A Resource to Treasure

Most important of all, Little Baby Doge also hosts a curated database of worthy global causes. Users can browse the world’s hardest working and most worthwhile organizations from a single portal. Once there they can donate money and tokens, volunteer their time, or just learn more about the work they do.

To find out how Little Baby Doge can help you save the world, follow Little Baby Doge on these channels for the latest updates:

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