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The recent rise in NFT value, active discussions around it along with the entry of celebrities and famous personalities into the market made NFT the new digital hype of 2021. NFT is the bullish theme now, that's for sure! In the wake of the rise in the NFT market popularity, a new-gen project- CryptoDragons is released, which has all the signs of changing the understanding of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, 9 interconnected smart contracts are realized on the ERC-721 standard. CryptoDragons is a pioneer project with the first blockchain DNA, full-fledged blockchain battles, incredible graphics and even newly invented dragon language, where advanced technologies meet digital art.

The complete Dragon Metaverse comes into being from unique AI-generated NFT Eggs. Firstborn dragons will be the most unique assets as they will emerge from Eggs that will no longer exist. Indeed, new or unique dragons will come out any time, but these firstborns will always be one-of-a-kind, hence the most valuable NFTs.

It is known that as a result of hatching, the Egg holders will get an Eggshell and dragon NFTs. Afterward, NFT dragons will be ready to breed, fight and generate their owners a fortune.

Depending on their special generated genome there will hatch three types of dragons - Common, Epic and Legendary. However later, as a result of breeding, the fourth - Rare type will appear. These dragons will be created out of 12,000 attributes and will have different gene packages. In addition, only the Legendary dragons will possess the full 25 genes with the unique advantage to generate an income. That is, the Legendary dragon owners will regularly receive the 50% of the platform’s breeding commissions. Those lucky owners of Legendary dragons in their collection will earn just by holding their NFT.

On CryptoDragons the first blockchain battling Arena is implemented, also, where NFT dragons challenge each other. The dragon battling outcome highly depends on dragons’ genomic specifications, which is called “strength.” The Arena’s winners take away either the opponent's dragon or a bet ETH.

The CryptoDragons Metaverse also has its Marketplace, where you can:

  • Buy and sell NFT dragons and Eggs.
  • Rent and hire dragons for breeding.

As the project has a fully-fledged roadmap, in the near future there also will be a full-functioning Dragon wallet on iOS and Android where you can keep your dragon collection and perform transactions on ETH regarding your dragons.

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