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London, UK: STEM team has announced a new stage in the development of a platform that will serve tokens of sports teams trading. According to the project roadmap, STEM started development in early 2021, where they showed a demo and a completely new token mechanics for sports teams.

Now, the project is conducting an ICO campaign, where at the end of the first-round investment the development of the first pilot version will start. The company plans to release a beta version of the project by the end of the year and launch the full version of exchange in 2022.

Project STEM is a token exchange of sports team statistics. Each football club on this platform has its own token. Such indicators as statistics of the team's game, rating, the cost of the club's players and others determine the cost of these tokens. Based on this data, the criteria for issuing and pricing the tokens themselves are formed. The token mechanics are built in such a way that the better the team plays and the higher its performance, the more expensive the tokens are. And vice versa, if the team worsens the statistics, then its tokens become cheaper.

This platform intends to compete with traditional sports betting and to provide a new less risky way of interaction with sport events for all fans.

Soon, the project will announce the second round of investments and is preparing to its token listing on the exchange.

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