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Eric Pulier’s NFT platform has just launched, and we’re going to unpack all you need to know about the project. It’s been approximately five years in the making, the result being The Vatom NFT Platform.

The offering is split up into five main components—Vatom SpatialWeb, Vatom NFTs, Vatom Studio, Vatom Marketplace, and Vatom Community—all with different specifications.

Eric Pulier and Vatom Inc have pushed the boundaries of possibilities when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency, opening up a brand new door that will greatly utilize the technology. It’s dynamic and scalable and opens up a new world for NFTs.

An Overview of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

One of the biggest stories to come out of 2021 was the rise of a new chapter in the world of blockchain, the non-fungible token (NFT for short). Blockchain is a decentralized chain of encryptions operating in the digital world and is what is used for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Although not technically a cryptocurrency, NFTs are traded and authenticated as unique, and as such and can hold immense value, some going for millions of dollars. Simply put (and using Vatom Inc’s words), NFTs are "blockchain-based digital objects" and are ripe for disrupting human engagement and commerce as we know it—something that Vatom Inc is seeking to accomplish.

History of Vatom Inc

Eric Pulier, a Harvard University graduate, started Vatom Inc with a mission to "bring humanity together online." Already a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Pulier has a strong track record of building businesses to succeed in the technology industry. Vatom Inc is Pulier’s 15th company that he’s founded or co-founded over the course of the last thirty years. Among these companies was Desktone, now the virtual desktop offering for VMWare, and Akana, a software company which pioneered the idea of enterprise application programming interfaces (APIs).

Desktone was acquired by VMWare in 2013, and Akana was acquired in 2016, a year after Vatom Inc was conceived and began to put the wheels in motion to its much-anticipated launch last month. In 2015, Pulier proposed to create a non-fungible version of a Bitcoin, a concept now widely known as NFTs and the first NFT, the Vatom, was created.

The success of his previous companies, as well as forays into authoring books, advising top leaders in politics and business, and a track record of global philanthropy, bodes well for Pulier and his exciting, genre-bending venture. Vatom Inc promises to usher in the killer app of the blockchain— experiential NFTs that connect creators to audiences, become instant loyalty programs, and build long term relationships.

While just about everyone else who has jumped into the "get rich quick" mentality of the NFT frenzy has focused on speculation, Pulier’s Vatom Inc focuses on engagement, narrative and story. NFTs, according to Pulier, are not merely tokens for trade but the future of human engagement. Fresh off new funding, with direct investments from some of the most prestigious organizations and executives, the good press has been coming thick and fast, and for a good reason.

Vatom Inc’s key Features

The Vatom NFT Platform is split up into five key components, all with unique and desirable features for those working in blockchain, software or otherwise digital space. Each boasts its own value-adding benefits and comes together to make a complete and innovative product.

Vatom SpatialWeb

The spatial Internet is a new concept that is primed to be the new version of the World Wide Web. By integrating blockchain technology into Internet browsing, Vatom Inc’s SpatialWeb means the absolute most secure and safe web browsing will be at your fingertips.

It’s sold as a social space driven by artificial intelligence, including awesome tools for creators and developers alike, allowing fluid operation of NFTs and other new technologies.

Vatom NFTs

Eric Pulier and his team have made the future of NFTs, leaning into their programmable features to create meaningful engagements throughout the digital zeitgeist.

This includes, but is not limited to, brand engagements, product offerings and experiential goods that can act as a bridge between people online.

Vatom Studio

This is the bread and butter for creators working with Vatom. With the technology, developers can create spatial websites and NFTs within the intuitive Vatom Studio interface.

Pulier’s background in API bodes well for the functionality of this particular offering and should excite developers wanting to explore a dynamic, seamless experience in web and digital asset development.

Vatom Marketplace

For those already accustomed to dealing in digital assets, you’ll be familiar with the various platforms crypto-traders can operate from. Vatom Marketplace is Vatom Inc’s trading platform for dealing in digital goods.

The cool thing about this platform is its simplicity—simply log in and start engaging with other traders, brands and creators from all around the world.

Vatom Community

Consider this the developer community for the Vatom Platform, facilitating easy and meaningful connections with other developers and creators.

Having issues with developing your current NFT, or extending the capabilities of the SpatialWeb metaverse? Connect with other developers to find a solution. Need to trade some of your NFTs and look for a suitable trading partner? Consult the Community.

In conclusion

We’ve seen it all over the years, and from our perspective, it seems Eric Pulier has hit a home run with this venture. It’s honestly exciting to get a glimpse of a new era, fueled by programmable NFTs and spatial environments where we can connect in new ways. From everything we’ve reviewed, Vatom Inc is undoubtedly leading the charge.

Vatom Inc has exhaustively and effectively thought through all of the different things someone might need when working in NFTs and blockchain technology and democratized it for a mass audience. Engagement, creativity, togetherness—Pulier has nailed it in developing an incredibly approachable iteration to the brave new world of NFT technology. We couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds for The Vatom NFT Platform.

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