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Did you know that there are numerous trading opportunities? Also, there’s a significant increase of both big and small traders, even though the cryptocurrency market is continuously becoming more complex.

Making profit off-market fluctuations not only requires attentiveness to details but also a perfect understanding of fundamentals, technical analysis, and market trends.

In response to the growing market and entrance of new traders, Bitsgap is continuously working towards developing the next-gen tools. The design of these tools focuses on automation, better trading experience, and easier portfolio management.

Three years down the service line, Bitsgap has further improved trading automation, by introducing complex but profitable bots. Well, it’s amazing that Bitsgap is launching a new high-tech solution again.

Bitsgap’s New Futures Trading Bot

The new futures trading system being introduced is named the Combo Bot. This is because it uses the DCA and GRID trading algorithms to seize trading opportunities.

Technically, the Combo Bot has two features namely; longing and shorting. Those who believe a particular cryptocurrency’s price will rise soon can simply long it using the bot. As a result, while the price increases, the algorithm can sell GRID orders and continue locking all the returns. If indeed the price goes down, dollar-cost averaging is enabled, allowing buys to be executed. When longing for the Combo Bot, one enters as a buyer and exits as a seller.

On the other hand, traders would use the Combo Bot to short if research suggests a price drop is imminent. Consequently, during the price decline, the algorithm executes purchase GRID orders. Then, short-sell DCA orders are performed at a short-lived price rise. The short feature functions towards enabling a sell entry and a buy close.

Those who want to earn extra profit should consider using margin. Margin trading involves borrowing money to maximize a user's exposure to a particular exchange. Although collateral is needed, Bitsgap allows for competitive margin ratios. Traders may enjoy the benefits of cross margin and isolated margin at the moment.

Traders' returns and losses are transparently illustrated on a chart, indicating if the AI trade is profitable or not. To ensure a high-performance rate, the Bitsgap team successfully designed and tested the Combo Bot. Long-term use is guaranteed to produce returns, despite short-term and volatile price fluctuations, thanks to an advanced combination of both DCA and GRID strategies.

Using the Combo Bot on Binance

Recently, Binance announced the start of its much-anticipated Spring Tournament. The tournament has begun on March 17th and will run for 14 days, with a grand prize of $1.6 million. Successful traders are to be rewarded handsomely based on their participation. Therefore, it's only sensible to use the Bitsgap Combo Bot for a higher chance of success.

Fortunately, we can use the Combo Bot for free through the trial plan even if for a limited time.

Bitsgap in A Few Words

Bitsgap is a cutting-edge all-in-one cryptocurrency trading platform that includes a robust trading system, algorithmic trading bots, arbitrage, portfolio management, demos, and signals. Bitsgap has developed itself to be a dominant profit-maximization platform, that supports Binance, Kraken, OKEx, among other 25 exchanges.

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