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Openware releases the long-awaited major release of the OpenDAX crypto exchange software platform with the Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) launch in March 2021.

Open-source Digital Assets Exchange (OpenDAX) is a robust SaaS platform that allows building crypto marketplace and cryptocurrency exchange platforms for trading cryptocurrencies, Ethereum tokens and other digital assets.

OpenDAX crypto platform provides the much-needed flexibility and scaling for the blockchain startups, looking into the future and planning to expand.

As a leader in the open-source blockchain field, the OpenDAX software is highly praised by community developers for its modular structure, high customizability and convenient cloud deployment.

Blockchain enterprises do not have to spend years and millions of dollars developing in-house cryptocurrency exchanges with Openware solutions around the corner. With OpenDAX, you can have a crypto exchange up and running in no time at a very manageable budget.

The new OpenDAX3 Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) is here to take it to the next level.

  • XLN unites over 500 crypto exchange platforms into an aggregated market to provide liquidity.
  • Crypto exchange platforms can conveniently subscribe for XLN API calls and opt for a relevant subscription package.
  • Platforms can charge their customers any fee they want, but they do not have to pay any fee on maker trades here.

What is So Attractive About the New OpenDAX 3.0 Release?


The brand new OpenDAX3 comes with simplified installation, deployment and configuration making it more accessible to everyone. This efficient design feature ensures that you do not require extensive cloud tech expertise for platform deployment. This enhancement is done keeping in mind new developers entering the blockchain industry to experiment with the software and find comfortable footing.


One of the new attractive features is the new front-end customization tool within the OpenDAX BaseApp. You can broaden your creative horizons by selecting and tuning different color schemes for various UI elements. The new feature also allows you to change fonts and font spacing options and customize header and footer logos. All of this, without spending a fortune on front-end UI development.


The latest refinements allow the OpenDAX crypto platform administrators to configure pretty much any parameters, like Superadmin Credentials, Exchange Info, Market Pairs, KYC levels, CSRF, TLS and many more.


The primary focus of the new release is to provide efficient maintenance by reducing the associated costs. Although not every update may translate into an immediate direct business value, it will undoubtedly reduce the cost of maintaining the platform over time. For instance, configuration file standardization between Peatio, AppLogic, Finex and Barong components ensures optimized platform service maintenance. It saves the crypto business a significant amount of development power and work-hours required to support the platform.


Along with the OpenDAX3 launch, the Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) goes live to improve trading via shared crypto liquidity. The non-custodial network is available to all OpenDAX solution customers. The OpenDAX stack exchange platforms can access a global network of aggregated orders and shared crypto liquidity. As a result, you can begin offering exciting deals to your clients as soon as your exchange platform goes live.

Enhanced SEO and Search Visibility

Features like SEO and search visibility of the OpenDAX front-end have also improved this latest version, making it far more useful for running platform promotions. It is a direct result of the Sonic implementation that combines JavaScript and Go to improve the front-end loading speeds.

With the launch of OpenDAX3, Openware can help you launch a state-of-the-art crypto business platform of any complexity. The solution is suitable for enterprises and startups alike.

About Openware, Inc.

Openware Inc. is a blockchain software development company headquartered in San Francisco, focused on the crypto industry, and is a known leader of open-source blockchain solutions.

Openware’s product portfolio includes the development of global fintech platforms, crypto marketplace applications, cryptocurrency exchange software, crypto custody vaults, online brokerage and crypto banking projects.

All Openware products are cloud solutions, which means they are developed as scaling, flexible and secure applications deployed worldwide. Openware’s blockchain solutions are suitable for all sorts of financial industry businesses, including stock exchanges, banks and cryptocurrency trading.

Start Your Crypto Business with Openware

Openware offers a cutting-edge software stack and framework that has powered the most popular applications on the market, like Airbnb, Shopify, SoundCloud, Twitch and many more.

OpenDAX Enterprise is an ideal product for those who want to create their very own crypto-exchange trading platform, have control over it, and plan to expand further. As an option, Openware also offers an OpenDAX Cloud white-label turnkey solution so that you can focus on your business expansion, promotion, marketing and customer service.

Make sure to check out Openware’s website, open-source GitHub code repository and socials for more updates on cryptocurrency exchange software solutions, blockchain, fintech and cybersecurity technologies.

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