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With over fifteen years of experience in the world of hardware research and development, Comino is an international startup focusing on the design and production of liquid-cooled PCs and servers. Specializing in this innovation, the company recently secured a record-level investment with equity crowdfunding site Seedrs.

What is Comino Raising Money for?

Comino is currently raising money on Seedrs, an equity crowdfunding platform. At present, they have exceeded their initial investment target, acquiring 113% of the original objective amount.

Comino’s investment run has been one of the fastest growing movements in tech history. Following a series of glowing endorsements from the likes of Linus TechTips, TechPowerUp and PC Master Race, the potential was recognized with a barrage of investments, including an impressive $100k stimulus from illustrious tech giant Six Nines, a leading Swedish data center. In the space of just 5 weeks, Comino has managed to secure an astonishing €860,000, and that’s not all: they are currently accepting overfunding pledges of up to €4 million. Put simply, the oversubscribed nature of this campaign stands as a testament to its innovation and technological implications.

Investment Opportunities

The festive season didn’t slow Comino down. In spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic, nothing has seemed to hamper the breadth of this company’s ambitions. Working within a variety of flourishing industries, Comino has managed to secure a range of esteemed clients, including Digital Intelligence, a core US national provider for the forensic sphere. With a decorated history in the rendering and server sectors, Comino’s hardware consumes up to 40% less electricity than equivalent air-cooling computers. They currently operate in AI, forensic, gaming and video rendering, with intentions to expand their outreach in the coming year. They’ve bolstered their standing as forerunners in a competitive, ever-changing marketplace. For investors, the potential for growth appears boundless, making Comino a viable, prosperous opportunity.

Commenting on the success of their Seedrs campaign, CEO Evgeny Vlasov remarked:

"Our users recognize excellence. They believe in our vision. Like us, they know that the future of computing will be liquid-cooled."

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