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2020 was definitely a fruitful year for DeFi.

And although the hype seems to have calmed a little bit, the Total Value Locked in DeFi still reached over $15 billion in December.

Going from $1 billion to $15 billion in one year is a perfect display of the huge interest crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs have for this project.

Yet, there is another big thing in the crypto world that marked 2020, and that is staking.

The big projects of the cryptocurrency world have already put an emphasis on the Proof of Stake protocol, and, as it seems, 2021’s crypto winner will be decided by the best implementation of PoS.

Therefore Tosdis Finance is here to combine the two trends together by providing DeFi as a service with PoS implementation.

Who is Tosdis Finance?

Tosdis Finance is a team of crypto professionals created in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Thanks to their fast-paced development, they are able to release staking-as-a-service for BSC by the end of 2020, and Polkadot in Q1 2021.

In essence, Tosdis is a decentralized network that operates across different blockchains, and through their product, they allow crypto users to stake their preferred cryptocurrency across a variety of blockchains, including Chainlink, EOS, Ethereum, Polkadot, Tron and many more.

How Does Staking-as-a-Service Work?

Staking refers to locking up cryptocurrency into a PoS consensus protocol in order to gain rewards. Staking-as-a-service applies the same principle but instead of allowing users to stake on a sole blockchain, it allows them to stake coins across a variety of platforms.

This functionality is allowed through the Tosdis EasyStake network, a high-speed low-cost framework that connects to any ERC-20 token. The network allows projects to provide PoS capacities, so users can directly stake their tokens in exchange for rewards.

As for the sustainability and balance of the Tosdis Network, it employs a deflation mechanism that burns the excess of tokens. It must be noted it does not randomly burn cryptos from other projects.

The backbone of the EasyStake network is the Tosdis Token, which is used for paying network fees and the deflation mechanism.

How Does Liquid Staking Help DeFi?

DeFi came to bring multiple functionalities to cryptocurrency, thus only holding onto your crypto asset while in wait for rewards.

Therefore, Tosdis Finance is further developing the DeFi sector by implementing liquid staking.

This way, users are not only able to stake their tokens and participate in the projects they want, but also receive a derivative they can use on various financial products at the same time.

The derivative assets will allow users the flexibility to invest at the right time and help the entire DeFi sector grow further at the same time.

Are There Any Benefits of Using Tosdis EasyStake?

Yes! The main benefit of using Tosdis EasyStake is the long-term yield. The saving account like approach allows the staking mechanism to reward users with more tokens the longer they keep their stake on the network.

Also, the liquid staking allows users to have better control and management over their crypto holdings. And through the derivatives users can hodl and invest more safely and efficiently while helping the growth of the DeFi market.

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