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The DeFi market has received a new impetus in its development thanks to the first DeFi investment aggregator WORDLEX, which was able to combine a large variety of decentralized financial services based on smart contracts.

The WORDLEX project was developed by its creators - the best developers in the field of digital security with the aim of improving the user experience of investors and ordinary users of the DeFi industry. The platform has made it easy and fast for investors to use popular digital financial services.

Moreover, WORDLEX leasing, in addition to the ability to use different tools to make a profit, for the first time offers investors a unique opportunity to purchase a car that is two times cheaper than its initial cost, due to the use of the platform's token - WDX.

The token is already registered on several exchanges, and its value as a digital asset is provided by a limited release. The platform's smart contracts have already been audited to confirm their reliability and can offer investors several ways to make a profit, such as investing in staking, trading exchange-traded funds, trading in various real goods and purchasing cars for half the price using WDX platform tokens.

The reliability of the investments is ensured by the support of the bank BCS, which is the largest investment organization in Russia. It also provides a stabilization fund that provides liquidity. DeFi platform investors can automatically receive weekly payments of profits to their bank card.

The company has its head office in Moscow and is registered both directly in Russia and in the European Union, having a Latvian registration. The authorized capital of the company is $15M, and already in the first weeks of the start of the investment, the company WORDLEX attracted more than ten million dollars of investments from both large investors and small private investors.

The project brought together over ten thousand members of the community of investors and users. Become a member of our community yourself and attract your friends and other users, earning on the referral program.

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