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Many people who are interested to build a successful career in the IT sector set their eyes on Microsoft’s certification program. There is a variety of credentials offered by the technological giant Microsoft, each of them qualifying an individual in a certain area of expertise.

Microsoft 70-741 is also one of the exams involved in the certification program: it validates the skills in networking using the features of Windows Server 2016 and is one of the requirements for earning the associate-level MCSA credential. Today, we’ll explain the full details of this test, as well as the overall certification path it relates to. So, let’s move step by step and thus start with the MCSA overview to ensure that you clearly understand the format of the course.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate or simply Microsoft 70-741 Exam Dumps (AZ-103, AZ-900, 70-483, 70-740, MD-100, AZ-300, MS-100, 70-486, MS-900, 70-761, AWS and SalesForce Admin) is an extensive program that offers various credentials in different categories of IT operations. These badges serve as valid proof for employers that an individual possesses a certain level of expertise in the relevant field and are qualified enough to get entry-level jobs in IT.

One of the most demanded badges in this program is MCSA Windows Server 2016. Earning it means that you can apply for such job positions as a computer networking specialist or a system administrator, primarily for systems based on Windows Server 2016. To obtain this badge, along with 70-741 exam, you’ll need to sit for 70-740 and 70-742.

Microsoft 70-741 Exam Overview

Microsoft 70-741 is a part of the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification and focuses only on the aspects of networking. The questions that are set in this exam will cover five different topics which are briefly explained below. Get Certbolt Microsoft Certification.

1. Domain Name System (DNS) Implementation

These topics include implementing DNS servers (the configuration of forwarders, Root Hints, Socket Pool, server settings with Windows PowerShell, etc.), and configuring DNS zones/records (the configuration of primary/secondary/stub zones, Global Names zones, Resource Records, Zone Scavenging, etc.).

2. DHCP and IPAM implementation

This area is dedicated to configuring DHCP (includes DHCP server authorization, a configuration of scopes/superscopes/multicast scopes, DHCP reservation, etc.), management and maintenance of DHCP (backup/restore functions for DHCP database, protection, and troubleshooting, etc.), and implementation of IPAM: IP Address Management.

3. Implementation of Network Connectivity and Remote Access Solutions

This segment covers topics like network connectivity solutions, network address translation, routing configurations, implementing VPN, DirectAccess solutions (includes configuration of VPN protocols, authentication, connection profiles, remote access gateway, etc.), and implementing NPS (includes configuration of RADIUS server/proxy/clients/accounting, NPS templates, connection request policies, etc.).

4. Implementation of Core and Distributed Network Solutions

This domain involves implementing IPv4 and IPv6 addressing (configuration of IPv4/IPv6 address, subnetting, stateless addressing, interoperability with ISATAP, Border Gateway Protocol, etc.), using DFS as well as Branch Office Solutions (includes configuration of DFS namespace, DFS replication target and scheduling, BranchCache, staging, fault tolerance, etc.).

5. Implementation of Advanced Network Infrastructure

This topic covers subjects like high network performance solutions (implementation of NIC Teaming, configuration of Receive Side Scaling (RSS) and Virtual Receive Side Scaling (vRSS), Quality of Service, SMB Multichannel, Virtual Machine Multi-Queue, etc.), implementing SDN (includes the determination of prerequisites for the deployment of SDN, Hyper-V Network Virtualization (HNV), Software Load Balancer, Windows Server Gateway, etc.).

Microsoft 70-741 Exam Details

Exam Pattern and Scores

The Microsoft 70-741 exam includes at least 40 questions, though, the exact number of questions will be known only at the exam, but never exceeds 60. However, the total score for the test is fixed at 1000 marks, and those taking the exam must obtain a minimum score of 700 to pass it. The duration of the assessment is 120 minutes. Also, the applicants should pay a registration fee of $165. Visit

Scheduling Exam Dates

Aspiring candidates who want to attend the exam can schedule a date from the available slots on the Microsoft official site. But first, they must sign in with a Microsoft, Outlook, or Skype account. For those who don’t already have one, it will only take a few minutes to create.

Why Attend 70-741 Exam?

The MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification is an excellent way to kick-start your career in the IT industry. 70-741 exam, in particular, is best suited for candidates who wish to gain expertise in networking with this version of Windows Server. It doesn’t have any prerequisites but the best audience includes the specialists who already have some knowledge and skills on the implementation of basic networking, DNS, DHCP, VPNs, IPAM, etc.

Prepare for Exam 70-741 with Materials from

When preparing for Microsoft’s 70-741 exam, it’s obvious that you will be investing much of your precious time, money and efforts. That is why you should always aim to clear the test in a single attempt. But that is easier said than done because even with dedicated preparation, you might fail if you don’t have access to the best resources, exam dumps and other materials.

At, you can find the most accurate and up-to-date dumps that will significantly up your chances of passing the exam in one go and you can get them for free! Also, you can opt for their Premium Bundle which will give you access to 257 questions and answers (with latest updated information), as well as an extensive collection of 57 video lectures and 1,639 pages of the study guide. Such a bundle will cost you $59,99 but you can buy any of these units separately as well.

Exam-labs’s exam dumps are created in ete format. This means that you need the ETE Player to open and use them. The installation of this software will take just a few minutes and you’ll get access to the exam simulated environment which will give you insight into the real assessment. There, you’ll also see explanations for all the tasks and will be able to set time limits like those in the main test.

These resources and exam dumps, by themselves, should be sufficient for the exam preparation. If you combine them with other materials as well, it will prove to be even more beneficial.


Earning the MCSA credential by Microsoft makes you a more sought-after professional with updated skills and a broader list of competencies. Pass your 70-741 exam with the help of exam dumps available at, gain new knowledge in networking with Windows Server 2016 and enjoy the benefits coming with the Microsoft certification.

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