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For the large majority of cases, bitcoin is a fun investment. Something a bit unusual that is interesting and dynamic. For some it can make money, for some it can support clandestine acts- but for most- crypto is a way to have something truly unique and truly your own. And something that can be taken at face value.

The inherent value of bitcoin has far less to do with finance, and so much more to do with integrity. The beauty of bitcoin is that it’s not controlled by a central power, but exists entirely based on its user’s involvement. Coins can’t be speculated on and artificially inflated in the same way as fiat. It’s an honest currency. Perhaps the only one in existence. Using bitcoin tumblers to protect your identity and the sanctity of bitcoin is important for anyone who stands behind bitcoin, according to Best Bitcoin Tumbler, a site who specializes in Bitcoin Mixers.

Setting Bitcoin Apart

Fiat currency is controlled by governments. That is patently obvious. Less obvious still, is how governments use analytics to track finances and buying patterns to oppress and control mass populations. Through media involvement and billionaire lobbyists, connecting your finances to your person just gives overarching powers even more power over what you consume and how you live.

The anonymity of bitcoin can help reduce this control pattern. However, bitcoin isn’t anonymous all on its own. It’s pseudo-anonymous. Meaning that the more popular bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become, the more big business wants a grip. Using blockchain analytics, big business and governments can once again track spending power and habits. Following wallet, addresses to find out how much you own and what you do with it.

This alone goes against the true nature of cryptography. The only way to effectively keep big business out of bitcoin is to keep your shares anonymous. And the only way to achieve that is with a bitcoin mixer.

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin tumblers break the chain of purchases and identifying information, letting you keep your personal information to yourself. Bitcoin works by using a distributed ledger technology called blockchain.

Blockchain takes only a users wallet address, as opposed to other identifying characteristics, adding it into the ledger anytime a bitcoin transaction occurs. This is what keeps bitcoin anonymous, as well as honest. This ledger is immutable and publically viewable. While one block (transaction) doesn’t necessarily give anyone any details about you or your spending habits, multiple blocks will.

Imagine that you’ve purchased bitcoin using your bank account. The details from your bank are then tied with the wallet address that those newly purchased coins have been deposited into. The blockchain takes no note of your bank, only creating a log of the wallet address you purchased them from, and the wallet address the coins were deposited into.

You use these coins for trading, make a nice bitcoin profit, and take that profit right back into your bitcoin wallet. Now, your wallet address is associated with the purchase, trade, and deposit of those coins. Use those coins to purchase some goods- and that transaction is suddenly associated with your shipping address, name, and purchase patterns.

While none of this identifying information is stored in the blockchain, recurring wallet address transactions are. Find the wallet address, find the person running it.

Bitcoin Tumbler Breaks the Chain

Even if you were to deposit those coins into a new wallet address, it would still be directly associated with the former. Making a bitcoin tumbler the only way to effectively break transaction trails and keep your coins anonymous.

Bitcoin tumblers work by taking bitcoin for any number of depositors and mixing them with coins from other people, the bitcoin mixing service itself, and freshly mined coins. This pool of coins is then mixed and remixed into and out of a number of different wallets, creating microtransactions that essentially go nowhere. By the time the original depositor receives their coins back, the value is the same, but the coins are completely different.

Making it impossible to associate your original coins and deposit with the clean coins you’ve just received. Used in conjunction with various online and offline bitcoin storage wallets, tumbled coins can provide you with a peace of mind and a fully anonymous stash. Keeping your coins out of the spotlight and free from external control.

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