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The need for organizations to adopt highly scalable and secure cloud services cannot be underestimated. This means that this is the right time for any professional seeking to be an expert in providing cloud services solutions to enhance their skills. If you want to be part of these experts making a difference in the IT world, then you need to consider passing the Microsoft MCSE AZ-103 exam. This is one of the tests that Microsoft introduced. The associate-level exam is intended for Azure administrators who are responsible for management of cloud services. When you pass it, you’ll be qualified for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification. We’re going to help you understand more details of this exam and how you can pass it using the PrepAway website.

Microsoft MCSE AZ-103 Exam Changes the Certification Program

This Microsoft exam replaces AZ-100 and the AZ-101, which retired on May 1, 2019. These two tests had been introduced after the retirement of the Microsoft 70-533 exam. The reason Microsoft changed some of these exams was because they saw the need to prepare professionals for their actual job roles. The previous exam and credential program were focused mostly on helping candidates understand more about Microsoft products. Professionals were also required to know how to help businesses adopt these products. With the current exams and certifications, professionals now have the opportunity to obtain skills that are related to their distinct professional responsibilities.

In relation to new changes, you’re now going to come across new roles, such as administrator, solutions architect, and developer. Each one of the certifications falls into any of the following three levels:

  • Fundamental
  • Associate
  • Expert

However, this doesn’t mean that Microsoft has retired all the exams. A number of MTA, MCSA, and MCSE certifications are still on.

Microsoft MCSE AZ-103 Exam Objectives

Candidates preparing to take this exam must have skills in managing cloud services. These services include networking, storage, security, as well as the capabilities of the compute cloud. Here are the topics to be tested:

  • Managing Azure subscriptions and resources
  • Implementing and running storage
  • Deploying Virtual Machines
  • Configuring and running virtual networks
  • Managing identities

Microsoft MCSE AZ-103 Exam Details

Microsoft exams, including the MCSE AZ-103, have around 40-60 questions. You may find different questions types, including fill in the blank, multiple choice, simlets, review screen, drag and drop, testlets, and case studies. Signing up with Pearson VUE and paying an exam fee of $165 is a must before taking the test. More information can be found on the website.

Reasons to Pass the Microsoft MCSE AZ-103 Exam

Microsoft’s role-based exams have brought a whole new perspective to the IT world. What does this mean to you as an IT professional? Let’s find out more below:

1. You Gain Role-Based Skills

The intention of the changes that Microsoft made to their program was to ensure that professionals are equipped with skills that make them efficient in their roles. This is because of the long existing gap between what is learnt and the skills required to perform actual tasks. With the MCSE AZ-103 exam, you can be sure of gaining skills that are role-based. This is meant to prepare you for the real-world tasks.

2. You Become Microsoft Certified

You’ll definitely require something to use in showcasing your skills. This is why a certification is very important. You’ll receive the Microsoft credential after passing your exam. Once you earn one, you won’t have to struggle demonstrating that you’re qualified. The Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential is enough to show employers that you’re qualified for the specific job that you’re looking for.

3. You Demonstrate Hard Work and Resilience

Passing exams never comes easy. Sometimes preparing for them can be such a gruelling process. It involves putting in a lot of effort and resources. Candidates know how hard Microsoft exams are. Passing this specific test demonstrates how resilient you are. This aspect will definitely bring admiration and respect from your colleagues and employers.

4. Finding a Job Becomes Easier

If you can prove your skills through a certification, you can easily find a job when you need one. Professionals who have passed the Microsoft MCSE AZ-103 exam are considered hard-working and effective in what they do. If you want to get a good job, then it’s time to pass this important test! You can work as a systems administrator, cloud administrator, or Azure systems administrator.

5. Your Skills Will Be Compensated Well

Your Azure administrator skills will come in handy to your employer. With the adoption of cloud services by organizations across the world, your abilities will be a plus to those who need them. Remember that there’s still a huge skill gap that’s yet to be filled in the market. This means there’s a competition for the few professionals who are experts in providing cloud solutions. The result will be a great compensation for those who have mastered these skills since no employer would like to lose such valuable employees. Azure administrators in the US can earn up to $125,000 according to a July 2019 survey by Nigel Frank.

Preparing for the Microsoft MCSE AZ-103 Exam

It’s that time to prepare for your exam and you are probably wondering what to do next. We have good news for you! We’re here to help you settle on the best exam revision materials. Once you understand the most effective way to study, preparing becomes easy for you. This is even more interesting with PrepAway exam preparation website. This site offers you all the test tools that you’ll ever need to pass the MCSE AZ-103 exam even if this is the first time you’re taking a Microsoft exam. The PrepAway website includes practice tests to train. Here, you’re going to get all the necessary materials to help boost your chances of passing your exam.

Apart from practice tests, you can also enrol for an instructor-led or e-learning training. Another reliable way is to use study guides and practice what you learn using hands-on labs. Combining these methods will give you the much-desired success in your exam.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a certified Azure administrator, then you now know what way to choose. Microsoft has provided you with the resources and means to make this dream possible. Take and pass the Microsoft MCSE AZ-103 exam and watch your dream come true.

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