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Oct. 22, 2018
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The Swiss fintech startup with Russian roots is launching a digital financial service, which combines the stability of European financial institutions with the accessibility and openness of modern technology companies.

Aximetria clients already have access to cheap and rapid cryptocurrency payments, independent storage solutions, investment tools for blockchain assets as well as a payment card connected to the crypto wallet.

The Aximetria multi-currency wallet enables users to purchase, store and exchange bitcoins, ethers as well as stablecoins - cryptocurrencies that are pegged to traditional assets (gold, euro, oil, etc.). The users have access to Stasis EURS collateralized stablecoin, as well as ERC20 tokens.

Setting up the account and topping your wallet up using fiat currencies takes only a few clicks. The ID verification procedure is designed to be simple and convenient with casual users in mind.

Aximetria stores all of its users’ assets on servers that are further secured with methods of post-quantum cryptography. Our clients can withdraw all their assets and close their account at any moment.

In 2019, Aximetria is planning to launch a variety of tariffs, to keep the core functionality free of charge and maintain low transaction fees.

Among our partners are exchange, EXANTE investment company as well as the Pestalozzi law firm.

Grigoriy Klumov, CEO STASIS:

“This year, it was evident that the reliability of a stable cryptocurrency is determined by an appropriate legal framework. For several years now, we have been advising the Maltese government along with several others regarding issues of crypto regulation and classification of new financial assets. In addition to the development of EURS, it’s important for us to use our knowledge and experience to create a business-focused infrastructure that is convenient not only for our clients and partners but also for the entire blockchain community. We are very happy that Aximetria shares our views.”

Alexey Ermakov, CEO Aximetria:

“Even considering all the advantages of traditional financial institutions, they are still too conservative when it comes to working with crypto assets and the development of remote service channels. Aximetria is opening the first easily accessible Swiss financial service for working with digital assets. Our prime focus is on the people’s needs and convenience.”

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